The Grave Importance of Art Appreciation

Several years ago, my niece was heavily influenced by independent music.  It all began when she was just a teenager listening with my parents to independent soul music on satellite radio.  Ever since she first entered college at 18 years old, she began to look up independent soul music.  She discovered that type of genre online and didn’t even realize what “independent” meant.  My niece knew what the word meant, but not what it meant when it came to different types of genre of music.  When it comes to entertainment and arts, “independent” means exactly what it is; it means doing it by yourself without a contract from a major label backing you up.  Two years after she began college, she made a blog on Tumblr supporting independent music.  She even made a Facebook page to my blog and a Facebook group called “SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!”  Many of my friends on social media were influenced with what my niece had to share every week when it came to different independent artists.  It helped some artists get more exposure.

With all of that being said, being an independent artist comes with a price more than being a major artist does.  Like I said before, “independent” means doing it all on your own, as far as submitting your own work to many people and companies and making sure that you are putting yourself out there, whether if it’s online or on a flyer.  Social media is a big part of putting yourself out there.  That is the real test to see if people are going to enjoy your work or not pay your work any mind whatsoever.  Make sure that your quality is your absolute best in order for consumers to really want to buy your product.

If people really love your product and buy it, they will want to share it with other people.  They will spread the word about you, which brings me to what this post is all about.  What I am saying to you all is that it’s very important to support the arts, independent or not.  What is your initial reaction when you are listening to a piece of music on the radio and you want to buy it?  Do you immediately tune in after the song is over to find out who the artist is?  After that, do you frantically look him or her up on your phone or on your computer?  Do you listen to more of his or her work when you find that artist?  Finally, do you choose to buy the artist’s music if you really like all of what he or she has to offer through the music?  If your answer is yes to all of those questions, then I applaud you because after you buy the artist’s music, you will want to go on social media and share what you are listening to with your friends.  Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of posts on social media where people are posting what they’re listening to, especially when they’re on Spotify.

Spread the word about any type of art you are heavily interested in.  If you are a comedy fan and enjoy watching comedians making people laugh, go tell a friend or two.  If you have a favorite singer and religiously buy his or her music, help get that singer more exposure by sharing her music with other people.  The same thing goes with your favorite dancers, models, painters, writers, makeup artists, even vloggers (video bloggers) and regular bloggers.  As well as spreading the word, continue to go see any art that you really enjoy seeing.  It’s really important to enjoy any type of art in the world.  In fact, it’s even more important to SUPPORT the arts.  It’ll eventually change the artist’s life, others and yours.  It’s all about art appreciation, you guys!


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